Event Type


We understand that your wedding day needs to be picture perfect in every possible way. Designed only for your special occasion, this personalized space will reflect the individuality of your wedding. To us, there’s no event that is too big or too small. So whether you’re planning to have it on a beach, in a villa, inside a hotel or even outside in a private garden, we can transform the space with anything that is tailored to your needs, creating the personalized setting that you desire.


Running low on space? We’ve got you covered with our most efficient and flexible warehousing options. Our lightweight yet robust structures are modular, giving you the versatility to make optimal use of the available space or better yet, expand in the future if changes are needed. Whether it is temporary, semi-permanent or permanent, these warehouses can be customized to your needs where flooring, lighting and even air-conditioning can be installed. Rest assured our structures are of exceptionally high quality as they’re designed to the most stringent international building regulations. We guarantee you both safety as well as quality.

Exhibitions & Events

We understand that your event is a reflection of you. And we are committed in delivering the best and nothing less. From small events to large-scale exhibitions, our structures are very flexible no matter the space and location of choice. Our large tensioned fabric structure ranges from 20 to 40 metres wide and offers a sense of safety because of its sturdiness.

Coporate Events

Tired of booking the same old conference room for your corporate event? Let us help you create that special touch and atmosphere to leave a lasting impression on your guests. With structures to suit events of all sizes, we’ve successfully helped global brands host conferences, exhibitions, gala dinners and private parties.


Step up your game with us, your ultimate go-to company when it comes to large scale sporting events. Equipped with experience in providing temporary infrastructure for some of the most prestigious events in the region, we have earned a wealth experience working across the globe. We’re committed to providing the best experience for your spectators to enjoy by looking into the finer details of interior decorations, furniture as well as cooling systems.